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BETEN International
BETEN International is a service and engineering Company which is specialized in development of energy, industrial and agricultural projects. Its vocation is focused mainly at identification, studies, implementation and exploitation of projects in the field of international project management or turnkey projects. Our Company undertakes also consulting missions or delegates its top level experts in each sector of activity required.

Expert Platform for Energy Efficiency
Public Organization "Expert Platform for Energy Efficiency" was established in order to accelerate reforms in Ukraine, foster the development of the institutions, responsible ensuring energy security and to assist Ukraine in the implementation of EU directives,. Platform was set up by the experts who have significant practical and managerial experience in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy.


New Energy Technologies Engineering Company is specialized on management of investment projects in power energy and industry; particularly on construction of charts of external power supply to facility & power energy output to the grid (in case of connection of power energy generation facilities) and their connection to the grid; and also on projects assistance related to collection of initial data, permissions, conclusions for designing, construction and putting into operation of the conventional and alternative energy facilities.


Vortex is an online modelling company devoted to make the wind farm design process fast and efficient. By means of a massive computer cluster, we provide estimated Wind Data in places with no measurements: MAPs, SERIEs, Virtual MASTs and FARMs, Wind Atlas. We are also specialized in such difficult issues as: offshore, extreme winds, turbulence or icing - all of them in the absence of measurements and are offered through an innovative business model: remote computing.

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